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Why did we start Sahayak?

We would be lying if we said that we always cared deeply about finance, technology, or investments. Truth be told, those things are not particularly meaningful to us in or by themselves. What we, at Sahayak, are passionate about is helping people live up to their fullest potential, becoming independent, giving them the choice to follow their passion by ensuring they have enough money.

Our Financial Distribution and Advisory business is simply the vehicle through which we can take these passions, apply them to the things that people need, and make a profit in the process. In other words, Sahayak Associates, our business firm, is our ‘Ikigai.’

We have a strong belief that tremendous wealth is going to be created in the next 10 years in India, when the economy moves from a $2.5 Trillion GDP to a $10 Trillion economy and the per capita income moves from $2000 to $8000.

We want to position Sahayak Associates as a personal CFO and a vehicle for family, friends, and associates to benefit from this wealth creation and take advantage of the “Chronological Lottery” this opportunity offers.

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The Sahayak Process

We understand that no two people are alike and that each client will have a unique set of objectives. Our starting point, therefore, is always taking time to understand your goals and aspirations. We use a 5-stage process to ensure that the advice we give is suited to your current circumstances and adapts to your future needs.

Step 1 – Meet and Understand

We’ll ask you for an introductory meeting for your financial health check-up and discuss your immediate plans as well as your longer-term needs and goals. These interactions help our Wealth Managers look beyond the numbers and figures by understanding your explicit and implicit needs. We are then able to provide an extensive range of financial products and services specially designed and custom-made for your goals.

Step 2 – Analyze

From gathered data, we analyze and understand the financial, human, and emotional priorities of your life goals, current saving potential, and the current portfolio mix. Using the ‘Financial Hierarchy’ matrix, we identify gaps that need to be fulfilled. This helps to do a complete ‘Need Assessment’ to achieve your life goals in order of priority. After deciding the suitability of the current investments for your goals, we next map your existing investments with your life goals to reach quantifiable figures.

Step 3 – Plan & Execute

Your Wealth Manager will draw up an individual wealth plan for you. Together with our team of tax and legal advisors, they will suggest solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals and execute the plan as decided mutually.

Step 4 – Support

Your Relationship Manager will continue to work with you as your plan evolves in response to your changing needs and circumstances.

Step 5 – Review

As we move along, our circumstances and aspirations change, so the goals need to be revised.We always ask investors to schedule a two-hour meeting with our team every six months to review the strategy, the performance of funds, revise the investment strategy if needed, rebalance the asset allocation, and ensure their nominations, etc. are in order.
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What We Offer

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Our Philosophy

Right People to Partner

We have rich experience in financial advisory and products distribution space. Backed with right qualifications & skills, we are the right people to engage with to ensure a smooth ride towards financial well-being.

Value Added Services

Our Services ensure comfort, convenience, confidence and control to you in managing your wealth. You would enjoy being always updated of your investments, any time, anywhere.

Rich Product Basket

We offer a single point access to multiple financial and non-financial products and solutions with a holistic need-driven approach & not product centric approach.

Client Centric Approach

Nothing influences and concerns us more than your long-term interests. Hence we have designed everything possible to match your needs and ensure that you benefit first and the most.

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