Wealth Lessons from Diwali !

Wealth Lessons from Diwali !

Diwali: A Celebration of Wealth, Prosperity, and Triumph

Many interesting rituals and traditions have been attached to the celebrations of Diwali. 

Hindus across the world celebrate Diwali in honor of the return of Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana from exile of 14 years after Rama defeated Ravana. To honor the return of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana from Lanka and to illuminate their path,  Diyas were lit to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

It is a five-day long festival, which is celebrated with fun and fervour. The blissful festival calls for the exchange of gifts, sweets and heartfelt wishes. Fire crackers are burst and people enjoy wearing new clothes, on the auspicious day. 

Although the way of merrymaking and the customs may differ, the feel among the people across the length and breadth of the country remains the same – to spread good cheer. 

Diwali celebrations revolve around invocation of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. 

On the auspicious new moon day, which is ‘Amavasyaa’ of the Hindi month of Kartik, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity – Lakshmi was incarnated. She appeared during the churning of the ocean, which is known as ‘Samudra Manthan’, by the demons on one side and ‘Devataas’ (Gods) on the other side. Therefore, the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, the Lakshmi Pujan, on the day of Diwali, became a tradition. 

On Diwali night, Hindu households observe a special prayer ceremony or puja to invite The Goddess of Wealth into their homes, hoping to be blessed with prosperity. Diwali also marks the Hindu New Year. For much of India’s trading and business community, it symbolises the new financial year as well, the start of the new Samvat. 

As a result, several key Diwali traditions are centred around money-it is considered a particularly auspicious time to acquire new assets and make new investments. 

Diwali is also about new starts. Dalal Street lore also recommends doing an auspicious and Profitable “Mahurat Trade”on Diwali Day. Hence the Stock market opens every Diwali evening  for a short while for the Mahurat Trading. 

If you haven’t already started, initiate your investment journey on this auspicious day. No matter how small, start your journey this Diwali.

The tradition of Diwali, views wealth as being a reward for the good that had been done.

This festival also teaches various money management lessons, which we can implement in real life to lead the way towards robust financial planning.

The start of the new financial year is a good time to review your investments and assess where you stand. 

We can also draw some very interesting analogies from this wonderful Festival.

Diwali is celebrated with the lighting of lamps, which remove the darkness surrounding us. A lamp signifies knowledge through which darkness is dispelled. Similarly, you can allay darkness or ignorance related to finance and investments by consulting a Financial Advisor who like a lamp will remove your investment related ignorance and darkness.

I remember as Kids, the preparations for Diwali used to begin long before the event. A budget was drawn up for all the activities; A wish list was made.

Painting and lighting up the house, new clothes, giving gifts, buying an asset, starting something new, was all prioritised.

Much Before Diwali, we used to clean our homes, get the House painted after the monsoon damage, reassemble things in a better manner and dispose of the stuff which was not required. You can apply the same concept when it comes to your investments. 

Use this opportunity to draw up a budget and set your financial goals. Review your existing investment portfolio, identify the investment schemes that are non-performing; Remove cobwebs and dead investments and discard them appropriately. 

You tend to purchase a variety of sweets, fruits, gifts to have a joyous and fun time with your entire family. Similarly, you can diversify the investments and reap the benefits with a well-balanced portfolio. When opting for investments, choose a combination of schemes having varying risk & return profile so that you can achieve financial balance and stability

The practice of burning of crackers originated long ago as a means of warding off evil spirits by scaring them with loud bursting sounds and lights. 

Lighting and bursting crackers also has its own significance on Diwali. It is the respect shown to the heavens for attaining health, knowledge, wealth, prosperity and peace.  The sound of firecrackers also tells the Gods in heaven that the people on earth are in a happy state. If we see the scientific reason, the fumes produced by crackers kill mosquitoes and other small insects, which breed during rainy season.   

We all enjoy fireworks alike, but safety was paramount when bursting crackers, to avoid any mishap. As kids we were told to be careful and  all fire protection measures were kept handy in case of an emergency.

Similarly, it is essential to get your life and your assets protected through a financial arrangement which will offer a safety net to your family in case of any unforeseen exigency. Insurance especially Term Life, personal accident and Health is most important apart from insuring your house, vehicles etc. This will ensure safety for the family in your absence.

Gift giving is an important start of the new year that Diwali brings in. The exchange of gifts is a wonderful age-old tradition that is followed on Diwali; this is not about materialism, but about giving each other heartfelt Diwali wishes and blessings. This Diwali, try and gift your loved ones something which is more long lasting; an investment, a health insurance, a Blue Chip Stock, a Multi Cap Fund to make their Diwali really special.

Have you ever wondered why a vice, like card playing, is a part of Diwali celebrations? From Pujas to house cleaning to dressing up in finery, we walk that extra mile to appease the Goddess of Wealth – Lakshmi – on the Diwali night. 

But the answer to why a vice like gambling, that took away the wealth of the mighty Pandavas, is practiced like a boon on the festival of lights, is based on an old lore.

In Indic cosmogony, Parvati not only plays dice with the universe, she is engaged in an eternal game of winning and losing with Shiva, her partner. 

It’s a game spanning the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction, of fragmentation and reunification. It is Cosmic Lila, Divine Play, the Grand Illusion, Maya.

Gambling during Diwali is considered auspicious, not the least because it emulates – however weakly – the cosmic interplay of Parvati and Shiva. It’s not about winning or losing but how you play the game.

Similarly, you play the game of investing to the best of your abilities; Plan well, follow sound financial strategy, win some and loose little, enjoy the volatility and achieve your goals.

From my family to yours, May the Celebrations during Diwali, the festival of lights, bring you & your family, Joy & the divine blessings of Good Health, Happiness & Prosperity.

With gleam of Diyas & echo of the chants, may happiness & contentment fill your life.

Wishing you & your family a very happy & prosperous ‘DIWALI!

Happy Investing!

May the Samvat 2075 bring miracles and multiply your wealth manifold !

Stay Blessed Forever,

Sandeep Sahni

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